Details making the kitchen

We don't all have the most fancy kitchen we would all like to have, but adding some new kitchen products in rather fancy, contrasting materials, can do the trick. Details matter. Sometime they are even more important than the big things. It will bring your kitchen to a different level, it will give soul to the space and can set the mood of your kitchen. 

My kitchen is still waiting to be renovated but in the mean time my (apparently 18 year old) kitchen will still do for the moment. I painted all the cupboards white to up to date the space and at the same time to bring more light into the kitchen (you can find some pictures in my instagram feed @interiornstyle). So adding a few trendy products will help bring some extra value to the look of my kitchen. Details don't have to be big to make an impact.

Trendy materials and colours for 2017:
- white and off white
- natural wood, marble, cork or in other words, natural materials 

Combine these properties in some sober and simple products and you will have some contemporary items which will go with this kitchen and even with your kitchen to come, one day.

I went shopping yesterday and ran into this marble / wood platter. It looks like a cutting board but is actually a serving platter. Even when it is not used, this is definitely not an item to store into a cupboard. This piece of marble will make your kitchen top a bit fancier.

Marble wood platter (@Lidlfrance), Salt & Pepper and Olive & Vinegar set (@Seraxbelgium)
This article is not promote these products.


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